Hey People!
Welcome to Sahaay

What is Sahaay?

Sahaay is first of its kind web portal that will provides support system for NGOs along with some extra perks.It will be a unique platform being made for the betterment of society and empowering NGOs.

It is used to list all the types of NGO and search them as their categories.In this portal individual NGO will maintains their profile and events. They will accept volunteer proposals.Hence building connections between nonprofit organizations and individuals who volunteer.

NGOs will be able to receive donation.Visitors will be able to search/view the NGOs near them and also far away from them. They will apply for being Volunteer/Intern/Employee in the NGO as per their requirement.All users will be able to join NGOs events and also could donate.Donors will not only donate in capital but also can donate in the form of entities like clothes, shoes etc.

Note : We need some time serve you with the actual product.Till then use our First Service for you >> V-Hub (Volunteer Hub)

Introducing V-Hub

V-Hub is an intiative by Sahaay which builds connections between non-profit organizations and individuals who volunteer.

Benifits of joining V-Hub :

i)Being a volunteer at V-Hub you will get an opportunity to improve your communication skills while interacting with numerous people from different backgrounds and places.
ii) You will get to build up your micro and macro managerial skills along with your coordination abilities.
iii) All volunteers will be rewarded with certificates.
iv) Selected volunteers will be rewarded with personalized some goodies and prizes.
v) Ideal volunteers will get an opportunity to get nominated for Volunteer of the Month Award by Sahaay.
vi) Volunteers with extraordinary skills will get an opportunity to intern with Sahaay.

What we do at V-Hub?

- We at V-Hub help the young people like you to connect with their passion
- We do make people like you to volunteer in events which directly or indirectly makes a social impact
- We use your details not to spam you but to regularly inform you about the events happening in the city to volunteer.